Spectrum Degree Show Identity Theft Ghost Echoes Edinburgh Typography Seasick Steve

Spectrum Degree Show

Communication designed for the degree show featuring graduates from a number of courses at the University for the Creative Arts at Maidstone, in which my work was featured, and of which I was a primary coordinator. View on Behance

Identity Theft

A graphic novel exploring the reasons why people cosplay, telling the stories of volunteers from the local cosplay community. View on Behance

Ghost Echoes

A project centred around a randomly allocated two–word phrase, and its expression through purely the manipulation of type.

Edinburgh Typography

A project completed as part of my time studying in Melbourne at the Australian Academy of Design, approaching festival branding from a typographic (and in my case, international) perspective.

Seasick Steve

Packaging for a special vinyl edition of Seasick Steve’s debut album, “Started Out With Nothin’ And I Still Got Most Of It Left”. Created as one of the final pieces of my college diploma.